Help me!

I have struggled with opiate addiction for six years with meth addiction sprinkled in and I’ve been sober for five months. I’ve had an emotionally draining time since I got sober and I need someone to give me advice. Like a naive idiot I thought addiction hotlines were made for just that but I’ve never once had a good experience with it. I’ve called about six or seven different hotlines and its all been the same thing, dismissive uncaring fucks with no advice to give. What the fuck is the point? Am I stupid for thinking I could get free help? Probably.

I guess what i’m saying is if you’ve had a good experience with it or have any light to shed on how those are supposed to work, please let me know. I can’t afford professional help and I need something, I’m going insane.

The Real Star Wars: Air Force Heads to the Heavens for Weapons Guidance


The advent of GPS-guided bombs in 1991’s Gulf War was a revelation. The world watched transfixed as U.S. generals briefed before screens showing scratchy black and white videos of American weapons blasting bridges, buildings and brigades with amazing precision. Potential foes were dutifully impressed, and have spent a lot of time figuring out how to disable or destroy the satellite-based Global Positioning System that cheaply turns dumb bombs into smart ones—and gets the planes carrying them to the right spot.

“Over the last several years, many potential adversaries have invested significantly in counter measures associated with Global Positioning System (GPS) guided weapons,” the Air Force warns in its formal Mar. 5 call for help developing something to replace GPS if a foe knocks it off line. “The Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL’s) response to this challenge is the Celestial-aided Strike at Any Range (CStAR) program.”

GPS is a constellation of…

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Revelations of a Madwoman


All things pass, good and bad. The passion that burns inside me conflicts my mind. While that fire reminds me of my late father which brings me pain, I must remember that with his low hitting lows he had many high reaching highs. To better know myself and to grow and tame this, I must embrace, allow and forgive his fire.

This passion lets me love deeply and hurt deeply and all in the same breath. The emotional train wreck in my head may never subside, but I can harness it into positivity (a note I shall take from my sisters). All this anger and insanity is as natural as my extreme joy and creativity and that’s a part of what makes me, me. Its what makes me proud to be a Morgan.

Instead of shaming and concealing this emotion and flame I will work toward letting it cultivate something truly happy in my life and other’s I touch.

How Can Anger Management Help In Freedom From Addiction ?

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Substance abuse and anger is an ugly combination. Alcohol and use of other drugs such as heroin or cocaine can adversely affect a person’s temperament and unresolved anger may lead to the use of the substance. An addicted person may feel stuck with the trauma of anger and start having alcohol or drugs. According to the several proficient therapists of drug rehab centers Mississauga industry, medication for anger and substance both is required to bring out the person from the destructive circle.

As per the freedom from addiction reviews, it is concluded that a person can’t go through the anger management without being clear with the mind. So there are various temper management programs that help in decreasing the craving for drugs and alcohol.

How Addiction and Anger Related?

Patients that are addicted to substance abuse generally show their anger due to the strong desire of drug or alcohol. People…

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